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The Girl in the Bowler Hat

A 21 year old northern girl studying Fashion Journalism.

I do not own the credit to any of these photographs unless stated.

Being right, proving a point, or confronting someone who has hurt me doesn’t matter me to very much. I’d so much rather let them take their shots at me and regret it later in their own lives. As trite as that sounds, I try to be a lady about things. Some people love to walk up to you, say something bratty, and walk away before you can respond. I’m not naming names. There are girls out there who like doing that to other girls.

Taylor Swift InStyle US 2013 (via thrown swiftly

(via mess-of-a-dreamer)

I can’t stop doubting myself at the minute and I can’t seem to get myself out of it. I can’t even bring myself to email a magazine regarding work experience because I just don’t feel like I’d ever be able to do it, ever be able to know what I’m doing. And my phobia is flaring up my anxiety really badly again.

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